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I want to renovate my kitchen, where do I start?


So glad you asked!  Our website is designed to help you with ideas of completed kitchens, our products and modern combinations.  We recommend selecting the type of cabinet / kitchen you like, then separately determining the appliances, sinks and faucets you will require. 

Once this is done, call us to make a design appointment, we will assign an Interior Designer to your project right away.  When you call, feel free to ask us any questions.  For example, you might need help selecting appliances, or you may have additional questions about our process.


How soon can I book an appointment with my Interior Designer?


Unless otherwise specified, an Interior Designer from our team should be able to visit you by the next business day within the Brisbane/surrounding areas.  Call us to enquire about our services if you are outside of this zone.  Design appointments are $49.99 + GST, they usually last about 3 hours or less, in this timeframe your Interior Designer will measure and design your space with you. 

In most cases your first appointment will be sufficient for a full design and quote.  An hourly rate of $90/hr + GST will be charged for all additional appointments.  Additional appointments are usually in the case that your design vision has changed.


What will I get from my first design appointment?


In your first design appointment your Interior Designer will measure your space, determine your needs and desires, then design a kitchen or space concept with the cabinet style and appliances you have selected. 

Depending on the size of your project, 24 - 48 hours after your appointment you should receive a 3D image of your space, along with a quote for our products!


What happens after I accept the quote I have been given by my designer?


Modern Make requires you to double - check and sign the 3D image and size of cabinets your designer proposed, as they become a part of our agreement.  A 50% Deposit is required upon placement of your order, the remaining 50% will be required upon delivery of the cabinets. 

Delivery charges and GST will apply.  Quotes are valid for 90 days.


Do you sell cabinets other than Kitchen cabinets?


Yes!  Ask us to match cabinets in your bathrooms, bedrooms living & entertaining areas!  Modern Make specializes in cabinets for all interior areas of your home, restaurant, office or shop!  

However, we do not supply cabinets for outdoor use and do not recommend our products to be used outdoors. 


Do you deliver to States outside of QLD?


Yes! We now deliver to Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas!  If you are outside of these areas, call to enquire if we can deliver to your specific location.


Can you help me select tiles, lighting, appliances, accessories, and other kitchen / design items for my space?


Depending on your budget, we can recommend appliances and plumbing fixtures that would match your style.  These are items sold through other vendors.  We are happy to include a choice of basic floor and cabinet handles in your 3D images. 

However, we do not specialize in the selection of these items.


How do I arrange my delivery once I have ordered my cabinets?


Modern Make recommends installers in your area who are licensed and know our products.  If you choose to arrange your own installer, we can arrange for your kitchen / cabinets to be delivered right to your door.


Can I afford your products?  How does their quality compare in the market?


Modern Make offers a range of materials from which we can customize your kitchen and cabinets, this is so that our products can be available to clients with all kinds of budgets.  Years of research from our Interior Design practice has gone into finding the best and most affordable materials that also look the part. 

Whether it’s laminates and top - of - the - range Porcelain bench tops imported from Italy, or the best local Australian companies such as Polytec, we pride ourselves in having done the research for you!


Can you suggest other trade professionals, such as builders, plumbers, and electricians?


We do not recommend trades other than installers of our product. 


How long does the average kitchen renovation take?


In our experience, you should allow 6 - 8 weeks from start to finish for a kitchen renovation.


I’ve paid a deposit for my kitchen, but have since changed my mind and would like to cancel my order.  What are my options?


Modern Make offers a 5 - day grace period where clients can receive refunds of their purchase.  After 5 days our legal agreement kicks in, as production of your kitchen will likely have started.  This means Modern Make will be retaining all reasonable costs and expected margins should your project be close to completion.


What are the other payment terms?


You can see a list of our full payment terms here.  Basic payment terms include:


a) Only items on your invoice will be included in your delivery, all other components of the 3D image are design concepts and require separate trades and / or the purchase of additional products.

b) A 50% Deposit is required upon placement of your order.  The remaining 50% will be required upon delivery of your products. Delivery charges and GST will apply.  Quotes are valid for 90 days.

c) Invoice of goods is based on dimensions, material samples and conceptual images agreed upon with our clients.

d) Accessories, Appliances, Partitions, Demolition works, Electrical, Plumbing works, tiling, permits and project management are not included in our services.

e) Modern Make Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damages or injury during shipping, or the terms of service of external agents.

f) Modern Make Pty Ltd is not responsible for delays due to stock from external suppliers.  We determine product delivery to the best of our knowledge.


What kind of warranties does Modern Make offer?


All of our kitchens and cabinets come with a 7 - year manufacturer’s warranty on cabinetry, Maximum® benchtops and a lifetime warranty on all Blum hardware. Any damages caused by misuse, accidents, exposure to heat, water or wear and tear is not covered by our warranty.


Who installs my kitchen?


Modern Make does not install any cabinets or kitchens as we are a supply - only company.  However, you can ask your designer for the preferred / licensed professional in your area.  We would be happy to recommend installers who are familiar with our products and have been vetted by previous customers.


Can I install my own kitchen?


Modern Make does not install any cabinets or kitchens as we are a supply - only company.  You can install your own kitchen, however Modern Make recommends to use licensed trade professionals.  Ask your Interior designer for a recommended professional in your area. 


Can I have my cabinets sent as flatpack items? 


Our kitchens and cabinets are manufactured locally.  We deliver them completely assembled and ready for installation.


Do you sell single cabinets or replace old ones?


Modern Make specialises in complete projects such as kitchens, living units or bedroom units.  However, if you are a repeat customer and would like to match a new cabinet to existing Modern Make cabinets, or need a replacement, please call our offices at  +61 7 3250 0513. 


Can you help me remove an existing kitchen?


Yes!  Our designers can recommend a professional company for the removal and disposal of existing kitchens or cabinets.


Do you sell appliances, faucets, tiles, or any other kitchen components? 


Modern Make is a cabinet manufacturer only, however, as designers we are always researching the best appliance and plumbing brands.  Ask your designer about the brands that might best fit your budget. 

Before we begin your kitchen design, you will need to pick all of your appliances and sinks so that we can design around their measurements.  Modern Make does not sell tiles or any other building materials.


How can I best maintain and clean my new cabinets? 


Upon installation you will receive a manual on how to maintain your cabinets, and get the most of all our materials and components.  


Where can I reach you in case of Feedback, compliment or complaint?


We value all of your opinions and encourage you to give us feedback pre-project, during your project, or post project.  Please call our offices anytime at  +61 7 3250 0513 or email us at  In the subject, please include your Project #. 


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